Introducing the ld3w gem

require 'ld3w'

ld3w = device: 'rfcomm0', bdaddress: '00:02:76:C9:60:28', channel: '1'
loc = ld3w.locate

puts "" % [loc.latitude, loc.longitude]

=> #<NMEAParser:0x75c2d0 @longitude=-3.137085, @latitude=55.91921167,
 @time=2017-06-21 19:43:14 +0100, @quality="1", @num_sat="04", @hdop="4.3",
 @altitude="120.2", @alt_unit="M", @height_geoid="49.5",
 @height_geoid_unit="M", @last_dgps="", @dgps="0000">
puts "" % [loc.latitude, loc.longitude]


To set up the device rfcomm0 follow the instructions from Connecting the Raspberry PI to a Nokia LD-3W through Bluetooth. The only amenedment to the previous instruction is that pairing should be done using the bluetoothctl command followed by the agent on command and then pair [bdaddress] where the bdaddress in square brackets should specify the actual bluetooth device address.