Calculating the total price from a simple shopping list

s =<<EOF
£14.90 Electric strike  
£12.60 PN532 NFC RFID Reader/Writer Module kits ISO14443 Mifare 1k 4k For Arduino PIC
 £6.50 Raspberry Pi Zero  (£4.00 + £2.50 delivery)
 £6.25 Philips SBCCS030/05 12V 200 mA Power Supply UK DC Mains Adapter 
 £4.50 Micro USB Power Supply For Raspberry Pi Computer 
 £3.69 USB 2.0 LAN Adapter to Ethernet RJ45 Network Cable 10/100Mbps Windows Linux Mac  
 £2.98 20 METERS OF 2 CORE FLAT BELL WIRE - 1 Amp Rating - LOW PRICE!!
 £2.39 UK NEW Micro SD 8GB 8G SDHC TF Flash Memory Card For Tablet PC Mobile Cell Phone  
 £1.97 RFID housing  (electrical faceplate and matching slim box from B&Q £0.99 + £0.98)
 £1.88 Micro USB Host Cable Male to USB Female OTG Adapter Android Tablet PC & Phone
 £0.33 Raspberry Pi case (air tight food container purchased as a set of 3 from the Pound store)    

total = {|x| x[/[\d\.]+/].to_f}.inject(&:+).round(2)
#=> 57.99

I used the above code to totalise the items purchased for my recent Raspberry Pi project.