Introducing the MyMedia Snippets gem

require 'mymedia_snippets'

class JRSnippets < MyMediaSnippets

  def initialize(media_type: 'snippets', 
            config: '/home/james/', 
                 css_href: '/snippets/coderay_ruby.css', lang: :ruby)
    super(media_type: media_type, config: config, css_href: css_href, lang: lang)



conf = args.first conf).auto_copy_publish

In the above example the MyMedia Snippets gem retrieves the most recent file (e.g. s1609151101.txt) in the directory /home/james/media/snippets directory and publishes it to an HTML file on my webserver which is accessible from a local file directory using SSHFS.

This file was published using the MyMedia Snippets gem.