Introducing the LiveBlog-Plugin-DxTags gem

The following example shows how the LiveBlog-plugin-dxtags gem is used:


require 'liveblog'
require 'liveblog-plugin-dxtags'

lb =
lb.add_entry '# New test #testing'

Config file

dir: /home/james/
css_url: /liveblog/liveblog.css
xsl_path: /home/james/
xsl_url: /liveblog/liveblog.xsl
bannertext: "Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night." William Blake
rss_title: James Robertson's LiveBlog

  DxTags: {}

The only things we added were the require statement and a plugins entry within the config file. After running the example I observed a dxtags.xml file and tags directory within the liveblog directory.

Note: This plugin will only execute when the on_new_day trigger is fired. This trigger only fires when a new liveblog file is created for that day.