Identifying my gem list discrepancy between local and

I had 220 gems in and I had identified 119 gems in my local projects directory, so the question was what gem was missing locally?

require 'nokorexi'
require 'dynarex'

doc ='').to_doc
a = doc.css('.gems__gem__name').map {|x| x.text.strip }

dx = ''
a2 = dx.records.keys

a - a2
#=> ["rcscript", "rack_rscript"]

a2 - a
#=> ["xmppbot"]

Using the above code I could fathom out that rcscript was an old gem name and was later renamed rscript. The same is true for rack_rscript, it was later renamed rack-rscript. Then I discovered the gem xmppbot wasn't in because the project was later renamed xmpp-agent.