Introducing the srscript (alpha) gem

require 'srscript'!

This gem is for my own personal use only however it might be of interest to you. The srscript gem combines Sinatra + Rscript to allow the execution of Ruby Scripting File (RSF) jobs from a web server.

The Sinatra application itself is dumb, other than being able to boot-up an RSF job from a remote web server to get it started.

installation sudo gem1.9.1 install srscript

server.xml `


` The server.xml (which is located in the same directory as where the script is executed) provides the application with just enough configuration information as to facilitate the boot-up process.

The boot-up process is launched from Sinatra's config after 8 seconds, then it makes an external web request to itself on route '/bootstrap' to continue loading the web services.

testing: requesting the time

<result><summary><to_s>2011-02-21 12:49:20 +0000</to_s></summary><records/></result>

Resources: - jrobertson/srscript - GitHub []

Note: The original Sinatra-Rscript (for Sinatra < 1.0) on Github is no longer maintained.

13-01-2012 18:50