My top 10 technology predictions for 2016

  1. Cloud computing continues to deliver more software services which were previously provided by an organisation's IT department including VoIP, Skype, Slack, virtual workstations, and more.
  2. Driver assisted features become more common in new cars while self-driving cars remain elusive with outstanding safety issues having proved difficult to resolve
  3. There are more data security breaches in 2016 than there was in 2015
  4. Amazon continues to dominate online shopping thanks to its unrivalled reputation, and it's roll-out of new robots in the warehouse which can pick out items to assist human workers.
  5. The Internet of Things was expected this year however it still seems to be troubled by security issues, battery life, and cost
  6. Smartphone sales continues at pace, thanks to more features including significantly better battery life. Although the mobile broadband data caps and prices remain unchanged
  7. Smart payments using your smartphone become increasingly commonplace
  8. Virtual reality still suffers problems, and the general public are wary of being immersed in it
  9. Google Glass 2 still suffers battery life issues, as well as looking too nerdy
  10. General purpose robots and artificial intelligence are touted every month for the next year without any actual products to show for it
01-01-2016 19:53