Push technology isn't that bad if used appropriately

Bad examples of push technology

Good examples of push technology

I don't have a television, but I do have a telephone, a radio, and internet access, yet I'm not efficiently using these devices to their full potential.

I'm satisfied with the land-line phone that I use as I don't tend to get phone calls from anyone other than people who know me. The radio is helpful to find out information I'm not willing to search for on the internet. Yet the radio can be a distraction, giving me information I'm either not interested in, or it gives me more information than I need to know.

The internet offers the richest source of information using both push technology and pull technology. With social networking, it uses pull technology, yet it is mostly push technology which means I can end up with more trivia than I used to get from the television.

I am not a machine

I don't work like clock work, I wish to only press a half dozen buttons to find the information I'm interested in at any given time. I don't always press the right buttons which means the information I need never arrives. Which means I could end up forgetting an appointment, being inappropriately dressed for the weather conditions, or forgetting to pay my credit card bill for the previous month.

Subscribing to my own personal private radio station

I'm currently experimenting with using a bot to collect information on my behalf, and package it together into a private Icecast[wikipedia.org] audio stream. It uses Espeak[wikipedia.org] to convert the text to speech, which is then encoded as an OGG[wikipedia.org] file and copied to a file directory used by the Ices[wikipedia.org] playlist.

What happened to the dashboard project?

The dashboard project was intended to pull together all the information I needed for that day. The problem was there wasn't enough interesting information on that page to justify me checking it every day. Which resulted in me forgetting to even check it on a weekly basis. Of course I still check my email several times a day, however I felt it was important to keep that separate from my dashboard information.

Perhaps at some point I will find a successful way to integrate the information from my email with the information from the dashboard, but for now I'm quite happy listening to the radio (using push technology) to get that hard to reach information.

24-02-2016 11:46