What's the difference between a SectionX document and a Kvx file?

The difference between a SectionX document and a Kvx file is that SectionX is designed for storing information, input by a human. Whereas Kvx is designed for data, input by a machine or human.

Here's an example raw SectionX document:

<?sectionx id='personal'?>

title: My Personal Profile
tags: profile personal


name: John Smith
age: 68

# Employment
Employer: FQM R&S

Here's an example of a raw Kvx file:

title: Screenshot of XSP
tags: mono xsp webserver rpi

file: /r/images/2015/dec/23/screenshot-of-xsp.png

Both formats can be parsed into objects for use in scripts and as you can see, the SectionX document contains more information than the Kvx file. SectionX was designed to be the basis for a Wiki article represented in XML, and that is how it works. The user types the information into a plain text file using the raw SectionX format and then it can be parsed by the SectionX gem to produce XML.


25-12-2015 16:51