Pricing a Raspberry Pi Zero including accessories

The following table includes the cheapest prices for Raspberry Pi accessories, including the price of the Raspberry Pi Zero:

Price Item
£4.00 Raspberry Pi Zero Raspberry Pi Zero
£2.59 Micro SD card 8GB Kingston MICRO SDHC MEMORY CARD
£2.84 USB wall charger New 4 Ports USB Multi Adapter Travel Wall AC Power Charger
£2.09 USB retractable cable 5x Micro USB to USB Retractable Data Sync Charger Cable
£2.81 USB HUB with LAN adapter USB 2.0 to LAN/RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter & 3 Port Hub 10/100Mbps
£1.88 USB sound card USB 2.0 Virtual 7.1 Channel Audio Sound Card Adapter

Price of Raspberry Pi Zero vs Raspberry Pi model B

Raspberry Pi Zero + USB hub with LAN adapter + USB sound card = £8.69

Raspberry Pi Zero + micro USB with 3 port USB hub LAN adapter + USB sound card = £8.69

Raspberry Pi £29.99 - Raspberry Pi Zero (with model B features) £9.90 = £21.22

That means the Raspberry Zero including 3 x USB ports with USB ethernet adapter and USB sound card is over £21 cheaper than the original Raspberry Pi model B.

Note: I have not included the price for the header pins and the time taken to solder the the header pins into the GPIO holes on the board. The price I found on eBay was £1.68 for 2 pairs 40 Pin Header Female + Male Pins Sockets SIL 2.54mm Arduino Raspberry Pi.


Use a Raspberry Pi Zero instead of a Raspberry Pi B unless you have a specific reason why you would want everything already assembled (i.e. convenience).

14-12-2015 04:40