A simple knock sensor example

In the following example I used a piezo element (as the knock sensor) connected to analog pin 0 with the negative wire connected to ground. Then I placed a 1M resistor between the pin 0 and ground connection.

/* Knock Sensor

 * ----------------


 * Program using a Piezo element as if it was a knock sensor.


 * We have to basically listen to an analog pin and detect 

 * if the signal goes over a certain threshold. It writes

 * "knock" to the serial port if the Threshold is crossed,

 * and toggles the LED on pin 13.


 * (cleft) 2005 D. Cuartielles for K3

 * edited by Scott Fitzgerald 14 April 2013


int ledPin = 13;

int knockSensor = 0;               

byte val = 0;

int statePin = LOW;

int THRESHOLD = 8;

void setup() {

 pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); 



void loop() {

  val = analogRead(knockSensor);     
  if (val >= THRESHOLD) {

    statePin = !statePin;

    digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);



  //delay(100);  // we have to make a delay to avoid overloading the serial port


I commented out the Serial communication statements because it made the sensor setup less responsive. Initially the threshold value was set to 100, however I found setting the value to 5 made it a lot more sensitive.


Here's a quick video of the knock sensor in action:

!vTesting the knock sensor


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